What is a Security Deposit?

All new users are required to make a minimum initial deposit of USDT 1000 with Orderbook as a retainer to offset deductions of future fees before any copy trading can begin. Subsequent top-ups can be done in any amount that is above USDT 100 (Minimum USDT 100 per top-up). Security deposits are non-refundable

When your security deposit falls to zero, copy trading will automatically stop. You will need to top up with new deposits (minimum of USDT 100) before copy trading can resume. Pop-up reminders will be sent to you when the deposit falls below USDT 100.

The wallet address is available when you click on the security deposit “Top-up” function in the dashboard.

This security deposit is not the same as the funds you have in your exchange account. 

For example,

You have USDT 100,000 in an account with Binance and you are required to make a security deposit of USDT 1000 with Orderbook. The USDT 100,000 at Binance will remain under your full control. We have no access to the transfer or withdrawal authority of your Binance account. You maintain full control.

The account will be automatically closed if it did not receive any security deposits within 7 days of registration. 

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