What kind of risks can I expect to assume?

Select the crypto trader you wish to follow and automatically copy the trades via the trading app. Currently, Orderbook offers 3 options for different potential returns:

Trader Orderbook Market Making

Flagship            (Moderate Risks)         5%-10%* monthly

Enhanced            (Higher Risks)            7%-12%* monthly

Aggressive        (High Risks)                10%-15%* monthly

*Returns indicated are projections and not guaranteed.

Users can change options anytime they prefer. However, it is highly recommended that they remain with the same option for 90 days at least to allow for the strategy to take full effect. 

Only one strategy option can be followed by one account currently. Orderbook is working to allow for multiple strategies to be followed by a single account. 

The order size of each copied trade will be adjusted proportionally based on the portfolio balance of each individual account. If a USDT 1000 account trades 1 BTC, then a USDT 10,000 account will trade 10 BTC. Smaller accounts will not assume higher risks by trading with larger order sizes.

New users may have to wait 24 – 48 hours before copy trading will begin so that risks management can be adjusted and implemented. It can be as short as a few hours depending on market conditions.

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