What kind of performance can I expect from my copy trading?

The target is to achieve 5%-15% monthly increase in portfolio balance (spot BTC value plus USDT).  Performance will only be based on the profits or loss from trading BTC against USDT. 

Orderbook only trades spot BTC/USDT currently. Thus, only the value of BTC and USDT in the “Fiat and Spot” wallet needs to be considered.

Portfolio Balance = BTC value + USDT amount 

BTC value = Current Market Price x Amount of BTC in wallet 

The difference in portfolio balance at 06:00 GMT+8 each day over different periods of time will be the calculated the performance. 

Orderbook’s strategy is a long-only of BTC/USDT. It is unavoidable that temporary unrealised losses will be incurred during a market correction as the BTC held in the Portfolio balance will decrease in value. Orderbook seek to reduce inventory at the beginning of a downtrend to protect profits and prevent losses. 

Example of actual trading performance in September 2021 when BTC suffered 2 waves of massive sell-offs:

 From 07/09/2021 to 22/09/2021

BTC suffered loss of approx. -22.50% while Orderbook lost only -8.77%

By 01/10/2021

BTC still suffered losses of -16.60% while Orderbook managed to recover till a small loss of -2.10%

By 02/10/2021

Orderbook had recovered losses in September and achieve new a high-water mark while BTC still suffered a loss of -9.5%

 The unique market making strategy of Orderbook allows it to continue doing trades and earn spreads within stringent risks limits even in a strong downtrend.

As in any investments, users should also be aware that trading cryptocurrencies has risks and trading returns are not guaranteed. 

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