Why are you called Orderbook?

An order book of a market maker shows in real time the status of its securities inventory and outstanding limit orders, providing the market marker with vital information to make informed decisions. It is very similar to how a retail business manages its stock inventory as consumer demand changes.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the market maker is actually not as concerned over the market directions as compared to the status of its order book. Managing inventory risks as the market changes is key to profitability. 

The Orderbook market making AI uses the same market making methodology as a bank foreign exchange market making desk. The foreign exchange trading desk of a bank can operate for hundred of years and remain profitable because it’s run like a business. The AI is designed to focus on inventory management during different market conditions instead of betting on directions.We believe this is a very viable and exclusive trading methodology that we would like to bring to our users, thus the name Orderbook.

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