How do I check the performance of trading?

Performance is measured based on the portfolio balance of your exchange account at 06:00 GMT+8 each day.

Orderbook only trades spot BTC/USDT currently. Thus, only the value of BTC and USDT in the “Fiat and Spot” wallet needs to be considered. Trading of other coins will be added in the near future.

Portfolio Balance = BTC value + USDT amount 

BTC value = Current Market Price x Amount of BTC in wallet 

The difference in portfolio balance at 06:00 GMT+8 each day over different periods will be the calculated performance. 

For example:

You have 1 BTC and 50,000 USDT in your wallet.

Monday 06:00 GMT+8:    Price of BTC = 60,000.

                                            Start Portfolio Balance = (1 x 60,000) + 50,000 = 110,000

Friday 06:00 GMT+8:        Price of BTC = 70,000.

                                            End Portfolio Balance = (1 x 70,000) + 50,000 = 120,000

Based on the above example, your portfolio balance grows in value of 10,000 or 9% over 5 days.

To check your copy trading performance, simply log into your Orderbook account and there are a wide array of transaction reports and charts to help you keep track.

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