What if I have other cryptocurrencies in my exchange account?

For efficient risks management, easy reporting, and clear visibility of performance, it is highly recommended to create a new exchange account or sub-accounts for Orderbook. 

If you plan to use an existing exchange account that has other cryptocurrencies inside, please ensure to transfer your BTC in the “Fiat and Spot” wallet to the other wallets (P2P, Funding or Margin for example). 

As Orderbook currently only does copy trading for BTC/USDT in the “Fiat and Spot” wallet, the other cryptocurrencies will not be affected. You can continue trading in other cryptocurrencies as long as it's not BTC or USDT. Any BTC or USDT that is used to purchase other cryptocurrencies will be considered as outgoing transfers at Orderbook and it will be taken into considerations when performance is calculated.

Copy trading will not commence if a large amount of BTC is detected as further instructions are required. Orderbook highly recommends the sub-account option as it is convenient and easier. 

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